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About us

White Flower Oil was introduced and started out in the market of Hong Kong in 1927. It was founded by Mr. Gan Geok Eng from mainland China. The power of natural healing reaches the Philippines in 1958. It was initially part of the several businesses of Mr. Lao Hian Chioc, the original distributor of White Flower Oil. In 1982, the medicinal White Flower Oil becomes synonymous in every household necessity. It is also at this time that Jelma Marketing (now Jelma Phils., Inc.) become its official and exclusive importer, repacking and distribution of this wonderful product. Mr. Gan Geok Eng, the founder and Mr. Lao Hian Chioc, the original distributor in the country had gone now but the product of their dedication, White Flower Oil, still lives on to helping the people’s diseases.

Jelma Philippines, Inc. is the official importer, repacker and distributor of White Flower Oil in the Philippines.

Our Vision

To become the leader in the promotion of topical embrocation medicine that is affordable yet reliable in effectively providing relief of almost all kinds of minor diseases, and at the same time nurturing our valued and responsible workforce.  

Our Mission

To provide topical and inhalation medicine that is reliable and accessible yet, inexpensive but effective first-aid treatment to minor wounds, burns, insect bites, cough, joints and muscles pain  and easy to carry natural herbal extracted medicine.   

Quality Policy

Jelma Philippines Incorporated is committed to consistently meet and exceed the requirements of its customers. Its priority is to satisfy the customers by providing them with high quality products and efficient service. It is therefore imperative for Jelma Philippines Incorporated to ensure the availability of resources, efficiency of processes and competence of its people. Jelma Philippines Incorporated shall comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements and is committed toward continual improvement, relentlessly advancing toward the highest quality products and services.

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